Our Calacatta Marble Collection

Calacatta Extra

Calacatta Extra Marble is a member of Calacatta family that offers soft olive green veining with beautiful white background. Calacatta Extra’s strong structure makes it suitable for very large size tiles to very small mosaic models and it’s unique and soft look makes it timeless for all kind of projects.

Calacatta Gold

Calacatta Gold Marble is one of the most valuable stones which has earthy colors. This marble features soft olive veins together with golden tones on a white background. Beautiful earthy tones of this marble helps designers to create exclusive and luxurious spaces.

Calacatta Verde

Calacatta Verde Marble has the wildest variation of Calacatta family. Extraordinary character of this stone makes it’s every single piece an artwork. Calacatta Verde has radical green veins on a white background. Because of it’s strong character, Calacatta Verde attracts all the attention in the projects that it is used.

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